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Send Email(With Image) from Plugin on Post Operation of an entity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In this blog I am going to explain how to send Email to User in CRM from Plugin. 1. Add image url properly if you want to add image inside mail body like below::      string crmModule = "<html> <img  src=''  width='150' height='150'></html>";    Or,   Alternatively, You can also Display Image Which are Created in CRM as Web Resource. Upload your image as Web resource in Crm and Copy paste the URl available in webresource string as I did below.      string webresource = "<html> <img  src='~/WebResources/new_Crm'  width='205' height='150'></html>"; 2. Add necessary referances to your solution. 3. Now, add code like below for sending Email on Post Creation of new Lead 4. Don't forgot to register your plugin message: Create 5. Primary Entity: Lead (Or select whatever you want.
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