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Missing Malaysian Airline Plane

Day 4 of the Malaysian airlines flight missing and still no information on what happened to a large contraption just suddenly disappear from the face of the earth. What bothers me even more is that we have more information on "theories" on how it could be a terrorist attempt giving public information on how others can be a copycat.

I'm more concerned that there are over 200 souls missing. What happened to them? How can a plane load of people just disappear without a trace? What about their families who are asking the same question, what happened to their love ones.

It's a mere glimpse and reminder that we are only here temporarily and for such a short time. The only guarantee we have is TODAY, that's it. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow's not here.

So hug your love ones longer & tighter. Tell them you love them. Be kinder than you need to. And love hard & live passionately for we may never get tomorrow a chance to do or say what we truly feel in our hearts. Make today your best. Thank God that when you wake up another day, you get another chance to do it all over again.

Have a blessed day & night.


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