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How to get the entity schema name list registered in your Dynamics CRM Organization using C#.

Use the following code for fetching entity list names in your console application:

  public static EntityMetadata[] GetEntities(IOrganizationService organizationService)
            Dictionary attributesData = new Dictionary();
            RetrieveAllEntitiesRequest metaDataRequest = new RetrieveAllEntitiesRequest();
            RetrieveAllEntitiesResponse metaDataResponse = new RetrieveAllEntitiesResponse();
            metaDataRequest.EntityFilters = EntityFilters.Entity;

            // Execute the request.

            metaDataResponse = (RetrieveAllEntitiesResponse)organizationService.Execute(metaDataRequest);

            var entities = metaDataResponse.EntityMetadata;

            return entities;

        public static void PrintEntitySchemaNames()
            OrganizationServiceProxy _orgservice = CreateCrmServiceObjectOnline();

            #region GivesTHeListOfAllEntiti…

How to update related entity records in Dynamics CRM using javascript

In this blog, I am going to show how we can update a related entity record through JScript in DYnamics CRM either REST or OData way.

First of all I'll show update data using REST Query in Method 1 and then using OData query in method 2.

function btnUpdateOnClick() {
    try {
        var selectedRows = Xrm.Page.getControl("SubGridName").getGrid().getSelectedRows();

        selectedRows.forEach(function (selectedRow, i) {
            var s = selectedRow.getData().getEntity().getEntityReference();
            var selectedRowGuid =;
            var selectedRowName =;
            var selectedRowEntityName = s.entityType;

            UpdateAccount(selectedRowGuid, selectedRowName, selectedRowEntityName);

    catch (e) {
        ShowCatchMessage("new_accountservice_ribbonscript.js", "btnUpdateInventoryOnClick", "A1", e.message);

Method 1:

function UpdateAccount(selectedRowGuid, selectedRowName, selectedRowEnt…
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