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Move to Microsoft Forms Pro from VOC | Create Forms Pro Survey in CRM using MS Flow | Microsoft Flow | D365

As most you know MS has deprecated voice of the customer and June 2020 is the last deadline for all of us to move to Microsoft Forms Pro (or any other 3rd party apps) for getting feedback from customers. So in this blog I am going to whole process which I followed during transition to Forms Pro from VOC. First, a little information about forms pro: Basically, it's very much similar to Voice of customer and provides seamless integration for surveys with MS CRM. We can send surveys to D365 contacts either manually or automatically on change in records within our CRM like on Case resolution or case creation. Similar like VOC, forms pro also saves all records in CRM. Now, the next point is creating a new survey form. So for this go to the site: and sign-in with your MS credentials. Like VOC, you will get almost same survey designer form where you can create multiple question with different data types, you can apply themes
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