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How to automatically update currency exchange rates in CRM using Power Automate

In this blog I am going to show how we can update the currency exchange rates in Dynamics CRM periodically using the power automate. The most common issue we face in CRM is the currency conversion since there is no out of the box option available to update the currency available in Dynamics CE. Most of us do it either manually when working with multiple currencies and that takes a lot of effort and even, we don’t have any in-built option in Power Automate to auto-update currencies in CRM. So, here are the steps which you should apply for automatically updating the currency on periodic basis. Step 1: Start with creating the custom connector. This is just to get the latest exchange rates via an API.     Goto : Data-> Custom Connectors-> New Custom Connector    Add Name and URL (          Click on Security and on the next page click on Definition without entering any value for authentication because the API is open, and we don’t need any subscripti
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