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Difference between WCF and Web Service

   In this blog I am listing few differences between WCF and Web Service. A lot from us gets confused which is the best out these two to use. Please have a look on the below table and find yourself what to choose and why. WebService WCF           ·   WebService and WebMethod attributes are used for defining web service.            ·   ServiceContract and OperationContract attributes are used for defining WCF service.           ·   Support security but is less secure as compared to WCF.            ·   Supports security, reliable messaging, transaction and AJAX and REST supports.            ·   Supports XML serializer by using System.Xml.Serialization.            ·   Supports DataContract serializer by using System.Runtime.Serialization.            ·   Supports One-Way and Request-Response service operations.            ·   Supports One-Way, Request-Response and Duplex service operations.          
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