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Difference between WCF and Web Service

In this blog I am listing few differences between WCF and Web Service. A lot from us gets confused which is the best out these two to use. Please have a look on the below table and find yourself what to choose and why.

WebService WCF ·WebService and WebMethod attributes are used for defining web service. ·ServiceContract and OperationContract attributes are used for defining WCF service. ·Support security but is less secure as compared to WCF. ·Supports security, reliable messaging, transaction and AJAX and REST supports. ·Supports XML serializer by using System.Xml.Serialization. ·Supports DataContract serializer by using System.Runtime.Serialization. ·Supports One-Way and Request-Response service operations. ·Supports One-Way, Request-Response and Duplex service operations. ·
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