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WebAPI Query | Dynamics CRM | Error: Property 'field' on type 'Microsoft.Dynamics.CRM.entity' is not a navigation property or complex property

Recently when I was debugging my code I got this error : Property 'field' on type 'Microsoft.Dynamics.CRM.entity' is not a navigation property or complex property'. Basically in my WebAPI query I was requesting data from Survey entity and also I was trying to read related entity(in my case it is Incident) data values so that I don't have to do another query. I have this 'Survey' entity and which has a lookup field called 'Regarding' (Schema name: regardingobjectid) which is a and can be related to any system defined entity. Simply when I used regardingobjectid in my query I got error : "Could not find a property named 'regardingobjectid' on type 'Microsoft.Dynamics.CRM.msdyn_surveyinvite'." I removed this '$select' part from the url and directly run that and found that there is field called '_regardingobjectid_value' which returned guid of that 'Regarding' lookup field. Now the new erro

How to query paging using Dynamics 365 WebAPI (More than 5000 records)?

Recently I was working on a requirement where I had to build a WinForm application to get the records from multiple entity which looks like a very simple requirement and it was indeed but the problem came when I completed my code using WebAPI method and server-to-server authentication. The problem was the size of records which was more than 5000 and I had no idea how to query paging in this scenario. Paging using the webAPI is a bit different to using the SOAP endpoint, so I've described the structure of request that should be used and how to navigate to the next page from the response. * To execute the request for the next batch of records after maxbatchsize of request is reached, simply open a new request to the URI specified in the @odata.nextLink attribute using the same header as the initial request. Here is the example of HTTP response which you'll get. Please look at the end carefully, we got the next page link in the @odata.nextLink attribute because the respons
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