SSRS total pages number error. (Adds a Question mark(?) after total page number in SSRS report)

Paging Issue in SSRS Report adds a question mark instead of display the total number of pages

In this blog i am going to give the solution how to solve this problem. Generally the problem could be like below:

Suppose we have one report deployed on ssrs 2008, it shows on view report
1 of 2? or 2 of 3? and so on... as shown below in image.

So if you can see the screenshot there is a question mark after 3(Encircled in red) .we have a total of 50 pages in the report
but instead of displaying the last page it is showing a question mark and we cannot show question mark as it was client request.
When press to show next page, it shows
2 of 3?,
after 3 of 4?. And in that mode till the end of the report.

So, we could easily solve this error. Just place a textbox in footer or header and goto the Expression of that textbox. Now goto Built-In Fileds and select OverallTotalPages(or type in query box:: =Globals!OverallTotalPages)
i.e. Place Textbox in Header/ Footer-> Goto Expression-> Select Built In Fields-> Select OverallTotalPages.

Now goto the textbox properties of textbox and in Visibility section Select Hide radio button. Your problem is solved. Look at the image below. . :)


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