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As most you know MS has deprecated voice of the customer and June 2020 is the last deadline for all of us to move to Microsoft Forms Pro (or any other 3rd party apps) for getting feedback from customers. So in this blog I am going to whole process which I followed during transition to Forms Pro from VOC.

First, a little information about forms pro: Basically, it's very much similar to Voice of customer and provides seamless integration for surveys with MS CRM. We can send surveys to D365 contacts either manually or automatically on change in records within our CRM like on Case resolution or case creation. Similar like VOC, forms pro also saves all records in CRM.

Now, the next point is creating a new survey form. So for this go to the site: and sign-in with your MS credentials.

Like VOC, you will get almost same survey designer form where you can create multiple question with different data types, you can apply themes, etc. I have added few screenshots below just for your reference, you will find it very easy to create once you start working on it. 

Once form is ready, test your survey form by clicking Send button and choose Email: 

Now moving to the next thing which is survey distribution. As I said earlier, we can send survey manually or automatically based on business events in D365.

              The little change from VOC and Forms Pro is that we had the option to send survey emails directly using workflows which triggers on some events, but in Forms Pro we’ll have to use Microsoft Flow for achieving the same. Like VOC, Forms Pro too creates unique links for each survey and responders can be tracked.

How to create an invitation and how can we send survey emails to customers?

In our scenario we had to send survey mails to the customers once the case gets resolved, it might be different, but the process will remain almost same. So, follow the next steps to create and an invitation in CRM and then send that unique survey to customers using either Flow or using workflow.

Step 1: Trigger using Common Data Service (CDS) connector.  Select your environment, your entity, and the scope.

Step 2: Select an action, define the condition to check. In my case, for testing only I defined a value of an option set field on case form. (On case resolution trigger, select status reason value as 5)

Step 3: Define what to do when condition meets. I ignored the NO part since we have to create invitation when condition matches and have nothing to do with NO scenario.
If YES, then choose the next action which is another CDS step to fetch record details. In our case we are fetching contact details from our CRM environment mapped on the case. We’ll use the date to our email body in the next step.

Step 4: Next steps is to create an invitation which you can search the action search (check the screenshot below). Here we will define to whom we are sending this invitation, what all dynamic values we are going to append on the invitation.

Step 5: Invitation is created, now either we can use the next action to send an email or we can stop our flow steps here and move back to D365 to use the created invitation as per our requirement like we can use this invitation to send email based on some other conditions too apart from case resolution, etc.

Just for your reference, I have added screenshot to show how we can define the next action. (Click on to <P> button switch to HTML formatter for defining body text).

Here are the screenshots of email which I got and survey form pages on click on survey invitation link.

Note: Although Microsoft Forms Pro is included with select Microsoft Dynamics 365 subscriptions and is available as an upgrade for Office 365 subscriptions but only 2,000 responses per D365 enterprise license are free i.e the customer will have to purchase for additional responses. Get in touch with MS to know monthly response for organization level, for us it is 50,000 responses per month. Know more @


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